Personal tax planning and preparation.

Full service tax planning

No matter your unique situation, ITS provides professional personal tax planning and preparation.

Modern communication and technology have changed the way we look at this part of our business. Our clients are on the move and we can help them with their filing requirements, no matter where they are. From the snowbirds who head to warmer climates in the winter, to our clients who have chosen to see the world and live anywhere from Tallinn, Estonia, to Singapore and South Africa, we are able to make sure these clients are always in compliance with unique tax reporting requirements.

We have access to state and local tax agencies throughout the United States. It is not unusual for our clients to have more than one state that requires them to file a tax return. Our clients that move away usually continue to have us file their returns, no matter where they live.

Our paperless system and secure client portal allows our clients to securely send us their information and to retrieve their prepared documents with ease. They have the ability to retrieve tax returns we have prepared in prior years, which can be very useful if you need a copy of a two-year-old tax return or document when you are living in another state or another country.


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