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We’ll speak the language of nonprofit finance so your team can do what you do best!

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We’ll speak the language of nonprofit finance so your team can do what you do best!


Nonprofit business models are fast adapting to today’s new realities. We are ready to assist and partner with you so you can share solid financial information with your community, funders and the IRS. Together we can understand your financial perspective and keep your nonprofit’s future mission-focused.

A Few Ways We Can Help

  • Prepare your Form 990, 990EZ or 990N
  • Communicate with the IRS on your behalf
  • Provide oversight and assistance to an in-house finance team
  • Help new personnel establish great protocols
  • Assist with a wide range of bookkeeping services
  • Collaborate in creating or updating financial controls and policies
  • Provide an informed but impartial perspective on applying for a loan or line-of-credit
  • Leverage the opportunity to restructure your processes after changes to staff positions

questions and Answers

Q: How do I register and sign-up with the NetClient system?

A: You need a registration link sent by us to activate your account. Please send us an email at and we’ll send you an invite to connect. If you haven’t already, please see the video above for instructions on the log-in process.

Q: I lost my original invitation to sign up. How do I get another one?

A: Please send us an email at and we will resend you the invitation.

Q: I did not receive the NetClient registration email.

A: Please check your junk and SPAM folders, and/or your blocked email for an email from After doing this, if you still cannot find the email, contact us via email and request your registration email be resent.

Q: I am having trouble signing in, cannot upload documents and/or unable to access NetClient.

A: A few things to try:

  • Clear your cache in your Internet browser, including clearing your browsing history, download history, cookies, cached images and/or cached fields from your Internet browser.
  • Try a different internet browser. Microsoft Edge is the preferred browser for NetClient. You may also want to try to use an incognito browser.

Q: I think I'm locked out of NetClient. What should I do?

A: Below is what it looks like when someone is locked out. If you experience this, call or email us and we'll clear your login attempts so you can access without troubles.









Q: What kind of files should I upload?

A: PDF files are the best for us, and should be uploaded as a separate PDF for each document. We also accept Word documents and Excel files. Just don’t upload image documents such as PNG or JPG files. There are many free programs and app, such as Adobe Scan and Genius Scan, where you can scan your documents by taking a picture on your mobile device, and it then converts them into a PDF making them ready for upload. Please do NOT upload folders containing individual documents. Instead, you will need to upload the individual file for each item.

Q: How do I fill out the questionnaire and the organizer in NetClient?

A: The questionnaire and the organizer are both PDF files. Download the PDF on your device and you should be able to open the file and complete as a fillable PDF. If you are running into challenges, please use the free Adobe DC Reader.

    Q: How secure is NetClient?

    A: NetClient CS is extremely secure, and uses multi-factor authentication for all users for added security protection.

      Q: I don’t see my files anymore that I uploaded two weeks ago. Do I need to upload them again?

      A: Once we have processed your files and made them available for our team preparing your return, they will disappear from your view.

        Q: The system is asking me for a password to view my tax packet. Please help.

        A: Your password will be the social security number of the primary taxpayer.

          Q: How do I access my prior year information on ShareFile?

          A: Please use the following link to access your ShareFile account and download your documents. Remember that ShareFile is a temporary storage system to exchange secure documents; it is not a permanent storage system. Once the full transition to NetClient is complete, we will delete all information from ShareFile and cancel the account.

          Q: I submitted my tax documents on paper but have opted into receive a copy of my return electronically. How do I get my documents back?

          A: Once your return is ready, we will give you a call and let you know you can pick up your documents. If you haven't picked them up by May, and are not on extension, we will mail them to you at the address we have on file.

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