Beyond the Numbers

5 Ways Payroll Services Boost a Business

Is a payroll provider right for you and your business? While it is an added expense, there are good reasons to add a partner to help with this service. Here are five things to consider: Allows full attention on growing the business. If a portion of employees is focused on managing and processing payroll, business growth…

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Cash Flow Concepts That Can Save Your Business

A sad and oft-repeated truth is that half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Although many factors contribute to business failure, a common culprit is poor cash management. All businesses, large and small, must deal with the uncertainty of fluctuating sales, inventories and expenses. Follow these practices to moderate the ebb…

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The Value of Good Bookkeeping

Small businesses are constantly faced with decisions of when to bring in outside experts to help with operational functions that go into running a business. One of those functions almost certainly includes the financial aspect of a business. And while some business may not need – or want – a full-time accountant, a bookkeeper is…

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