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A New Year. A New Decade. A New Building.

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Integrated Tax Services | 0 comments

It’s official! We’re excited to share in mid-January 2020, the Integrated Tax Services team, along with our sister company, Johnson Bixby, will move to a new six-story building in downtown Vancouver, located at 275 West Third Street.

Thank you! Our growth is because of you – our devoted clients. Your partnership and support through the years by way of referrals to friends and family has allowed us to grow both companies which has resulted in us outgrowing our current space. More than just room for us to welcome additional talent and resources to the team, the new building offers new opportunities for us to work with more people in our community.

Growing Together
Integrated Tax Services will move into the 5th floor and Johnson Bixby will move into the 6th floor. Combining our two teams in one building allows for better collaboration and the opportunity to grow the cultures together.
Additional Opportunities to Connect
In addition to an overall larger space for our teams to work on the sixth and fifth floors, we’ll also use the fourth floor of the building to hold events and seminars for clients and the larger community. We’re excited to have this dedicated space to hold impactful events and connect in other ways beyond our traditional meetings.
Our Why
Our move is full of optimism, gratitude and possibility. We believe our relationship is one of empowerment. By sharing our knowledge, we help you make informed decisions about your financial situation – whether that be your business, individual taxes or estates & trust planning.

We’ve been able to see so many of our clients contribute to our community in meaningful, engaged ways that matter to them.

These actions matter – not just to you – but to our greater community. We’re thrilled when we see our efforts in one area connect to other areas. We get to see this every day in our work with you and the community. Together, we create ripples in our lives, and communities flourish. It’s what we’ve deemed the ripple effect – and it’s why we do what we do.

We can’t wait to connect in our new space. Thank you for everything you’ve done in being a client as well as a champion for our business.

Happy Holidays,
Your Integrated Tax Services team