Jen, JBA –  I am trying to walk my three dogs a mile every other day instead of just throwing a tennis ball to them in the field. I am also trying to incorporate jiggling (jogging) into my everyday routine by doing it first thing when I get off work. I enjoy this time because it does not take any time away from my family and if I wait until evening, I struggle with doing it.  Moving gives me energy.   

Babs, The Difference – I’m riding horses, going for walks, taking peloton classes to stay active. 

Rachel, The Ripple Companies – I try to do something active and “move my body” every day. These aren’t necessarily big, long workouts. These can mean a short 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, lifting weights, a hike on the weekend, or my favorite – mopping the floors or gardening. It’s amazing how you can get that heart rate up with basic household chores!