How to be a Brand Ambassador – Events Edition

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You’ve probably heard … we have a year chock-full o’ special events, fashion shows, and fundraisers at Ripple Companies in 2023. Between sponsorships chosen by our Community Engagement Committee (Megan and team), and events we host for purposes of business, celebration and giving back, everyone will have the opportunity at some point to participate in and enjoy these special occasions. 

A few team members have asked about what’s expected and what to do at various events. If you are new to attending, participating in, or working at our company-sponsored and other community events, we have some pointers for you.

Ripple Events

Ripple Events are another way we can make a difference in people’s lives and in our communities. These events are workshops, talks, and webinars – basically any gathering in which we share information and knowledge with our community.

Represent our companies

  • Greet guests when they enter the event; introduce yourself
  • Help guests to a seat if needed
  • Be engaged during talks or presentations
  • Smile

Go the extra mile

  • Sit at tables with clients, partners, and others you don’t know; if someone’s sitting alone, sit with them!
  • Start a conversation and be friendly with guests
  • Stay and help clean up

Follow up

Close the loop within 24 hours if a guest asks about certain services or requests more information. If you can’ t help them, connect them with someone who can answer their question(s).


If you’re invited to a fundraiser, say YES!, if you can and have the desire to attend. These are community and nonprofit events with specific goals of raising critical funding to carry out their missions. Giving back and volunteering are an important part of being employed by the Ripple Companies.

If you have said yes, but it turns out you can’t go after all, please try to find a replacement. It’s a privilege to be invited and/or raise your hand for one of these events that’s paid for by our Ripple Companies dollars. Let’s make sure someone can experience the event if you cannot.

Examples of annual fundraisers that we typically sponsor and participate in benefit Columbia Springs, Share House, Fosterful, and others.

Take a quick look through these helpful tips for showing up strong at a fundraiser:


Google it or ask someone else about the nonprofit organization before you attend an event. It’s good to know what the mission is and how they are trying to achieve it. For extra credit, look up their team and board members on their website.

Dress code

Events can take place at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or anytime in between. Sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor. Events range from summer casual to business casual and sometimes more formal. Please ask about appropriate dress prior to attending.

Wear nametags

If appropriate, wear your company name tag; carry it with you just in case!

Expect to give

It’s appropriate to at least give the value of your ticket (if you don’t know the value, ask the purchaser; typically, minimum ticket values are $50 and upwards of $125); if you can and want to give more than the ticket price, please do!

Mix and mingle

Get to know others outside of our companies, go beyond your comfort zone and talk to people you don’t know.

Ask questions

Practicing curiosity is an easy way to comfortably be a part of the room and the event.

Make introductions

Build connection by introducing your teammates to others you meet at the event.

Bring energy

Be interested and be enthusiastic to be there.Time to show off your best self.

Dining etiquette

When faced with all those utensils, work from the outside in toward your plate. And always remember your good manners while representing our companies.

Other Community Events

There may be events this year we’re invited to or we sponsor where you can just show up and enjoy. Sometimes with your family or friends. These are no-ask events, which means there isn’t an auction or a paddle raise. Those might include one of our downtown neighbors’ block parties, the Wine & Jazz Festival (if you’re not at a special event table hosting clients), or the Cascadia Technical Academy summer BBQ.

We do hope to see you at an upcoming event. If you have questions, please ask a member of your Executive Leadership Team or Community Engagement Committee.

Let’s make ripples of positive impact together!