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Here at Ripple Companies, bringing energy and building connections are part of our core values. When you pair these values with the fact that our firms’ owner is a major idea person, a calculated risk taker and a trailblazer for 32 years in an industry in which women haven’t dominated, it makes sense that we are sponsoring the inaugural IDEAfest event on November 4.

IDEAfest is a one-day, unconventional, un-conference meant to spark energy and excitement that moves us out of rutted thinking toward new solutions for our community. It’s a showcase of remarkable ideas and a platform to connect the innovators, thinkers, creators, and makers of our community – in a new way. It’s a space where we don’t point to others to make things happen; rather, we look inward to how we can truly impact positive change in Clark County.

What to Expect:

  • Break the Silos: Connect and build relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds who share your passion for making a positive impact.
  • Be Inspired: Listen to local changemakers as they share their stories of how they are already making a difference in our community. Heidi will be a featured speaker with 3 Tips on How You Can Change the World!
  • Discuss & Dialogue: Engage in meaningful conversations about the community we aspire to be and explore ways to collectively make it happen.
  • Connect & Contribute: Contribute to an environment that fosters the exchange, amplification, and implementation of transformative ideas.

Do you believe change is up to us? Do you have ideas or energy you’d like to contribute? If so, we encourage you to join us for this day-long event on Saturday, November 4. *Email Megan Dixon if you are interested.

Come with your “yes-and” mentality and be prepared to engage in meaningful conversation that just might spark action toward making this community even better.

*Attendance is voluntary and on your own time; however, we can offer a free ticket for entry which includes lunch.