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Knowledge is Power: Security News Roundup

by | May 22, 2020 | Security | 0 comments

Cybercrime, identity theft, zoombombing, fraud. Let’s be honest – the safety of our information online is the last thing we want to worry about during our world’s current state of affairs. Knowledge is power though, so we’ve rounded up numerous articles previously posted on our blog and that of our sister company, Johnson Bixby, on security topics. Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Learn about minimizing the risk of having your Social Security Number (SSN) stole in Keeping Your Information Safe

Tips on managing your digital footprint (even if you aren’t on social media!) in Are You Sharing Too Much Information Online? 

Ideas to keep your meetings private and understanding the term zoombombing in Protect Your Video Conference Meetings

Acting quickly is key if you are a subject to cybercrime. Learn what steps to take first in Subject of Cybercrime? Take These Steps First!

Protecting your tax-related identity and information as the IRS continuously works to improve its security controls The IRS Data Theft Problem and How to Minimize Your Risk