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Let’s Take A Vacation

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Rachel Gorretta, Ripple Companies

For as long as Kevin and I have been together (23 years!) we’ve always loved a car trip. One of the most memorable was in fall of 1999 when we first started dating. He visited me in college (Marquette University) for a long weekend. We decided to drive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to South Bend, Indiana to attend a Notre Dame football game. The catch – no freeways were allowed. It was the last weekend in October. We drove through small Midwest towns, admiring the fall leaves and showed up in South Bend on a Friday afternoon. Turns out it was Parent’s weekend, and we couldn’t find a place anywhere near South Bend. We ended up in Michigan (not far in retrospect) but it was also Daylight savings time change weekend and we were on the cusp of the Central and Eastern time zones. We were so turned around to say the least! It made for great laughs and memories though. We look forward to another adventure through the Midwest soon!

Paula Lee, Ripple Companies

About eight years ago we decide to take a road trip through Washington State. Just to make it more fun, we went in search of the best pepperoni stick in the state. We stopped at out-of-the-way country stores and covered most of the border areas of the state, traveling east (passing miles of wheat fields) to north, to west, then south.

We don’t book hotel reservations ahead of time not knowing when we’re going to feel like stopping for the night, that is unless it’s around a big holiday then making reservations is a must. Instead of relying on my smart phone for directions I purchase a road map. I love everything about maps. Folding them and reading them. I read the map and navigate our course and David drives. I’ll do research prior to be sure we don’t miss any famous or hidden gems. The destination isn’t as important as the company you’re traveling with.   

Karen Marshall, Johnson Bixby

Okay, road trips are my faaaavorite! I’ve had so many great ones, but the best took me from Los Angeles to Kentucky to visit my mom and sister. While there, I was just in time for the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Loaded up the car with all kinds of treasures.

Patricia Spies, Johnson Bixby

Each summer we try to join up with my family on vacation. Currently there are 12 adults and 13 kids, although a few of those kids are now considered adults! We all stay in one big house and get to enjoy about a week of no work, just play!  Since it’s one of the only times in a year we’re all together we also take family photos. It’s a trip that my husband and I look forward to each year and Luke is getting to experience now for a second time.

In 2021 we got a pretty epic “silly” photo that gives a little glimpse into how my family doesn’t take themselves very seriously.

Lynn Snyder, Johnson Bixby

My daughter Eleanor had a swimming meet in St. George, Utah. While we did not go to Zion National Park, we did go to the Snow Canyon State Park on recommendation from Kim who knows her hiking. We had a ball and captured some good scenery pics. The selfie is at a restaurant in Las Vegas, which is where we flew into and out of.  Now Eleanor can officially say she has been to Vegas!

Zach Reuter , Johnson Bixby

My favorite summer vacation story is the one major cross-country expedition our family made when I was in middle school to visit my great-aunt in Florida. Besides seeing the wonderful and generous Great Aunt Judy, the real gem of the trip was going to Disney World and Universal Studios. The first few days went swimmingly (and I mean that, Great Aunt Judy had a pool and it was awesome) but the day we were going to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, things took a turn for the interesting. My father was complaining of some back pain in the morning (a usual occurrence for a 6’6” man, we didn’t think much of it) but as we were gearing up to head out the door he paused mid-step, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he collapsed. After a minute of sheer panic he came to, turns out his back went out, something that miraculously only happened on vacation. Well, we weren’t going to let that put a damper on the day! We propped him up on the couch, put plenty of food and water nearby, and me, my brother, and my mom made our way to Animal Kingdom! (Epilogue: my father recovered enough to go to the rest of the theme parks thanks to a back brace and no sudden movements).