Love Notes

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Mandy, JBA – A note from a client, Marilyn, (regarding establishing a new bank link):

“…I so appreciate your help. I have had to try to manage these changes with so many others, and yours has been by far the easiest to do!”

Kirsti, The Difference – I received this nice card from a client expressing her appreciation.  

Team-Thanks to our IT team for having workstations set up and ready to go for our newest team members.

Lana, JBA – Shout out to the whole team for supporting each other when a team member has an unexpected family emergency to deal with. We have a team that steps in and goes the extra mile to provide coverage, flexibility where possible and overall support and understanding

Team – Huge appreciation for the Tax Season Massages! What a nice perk to have 20 minutes of total relaxation.

Amanda, JBA – Amanda, It was really nice to see you. You inspire confidence & I can see why Johnson Bixby took you on. Wish they had included your puppy in the video!

Thanks for sharing.

Amanda, JBA – Well done Amanda!  It’s hard to talk about yourself on camera and you did a super job!  I went in to give it a “thumbs up” but there is nowhere on the blog to do that so I just wanted you to know that I saw it and thought it was great. 

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