Patricia, JBA – Some clients that I took over that had previously worked with Becky E. tend to need a bit more time and attention than most of our clients, but I’ve learned to provide a little more when I do reach out.  They always make a point to express how thankful they are for our partnership. In an email this past week after a phone call they sent me an email that said:  

“As always, so very good to meet with you! Thank you for your time and attention to us.” – JBA Client

Kirsti, The Difference – I am grateful for Kirsti at The Difference. Her help with my wardrobe and make-up. I am dressed in clothing that give me confidence each day. I love the variety and flexibility within my wardrobe. Being around her makes me happy! – The Difference Client

Nicole, The Difference  – “Well you knocked it out of the park AGAIN! I love it all and am having fun styling and wearing everything. Aside from the joy I get working with you and the fabulous pieces you choose for me, there’s something else you’re doing that I really need and appreciate. Your fit tips are invaluable. I loved the color of the double-breasted camel blazer, but I never would have worn it due to the volume. I bet it’s sometimes hard to do that, but you do it so kindly and I always, always appreciate it.” – Carole, The Difference Client

 Jeri, JBA – Just yesterday I spoke with Diane, a longtime client of Heidi’s. She’s a Legacy client and is 88 years old. She called about some transactions in her account and wanted to know about her RMD. What was the balance in her account. She had thought the market had taken its toll on the money she has left. I gave her thorough answers to her questions, ran a report and gave her account balance but also told her that her account was up over 18% this year. I also explained we would be withholding taxes from her distribution and she would get a 1099 in January. She needed to prove to her dentist that she qualifies for a lower income discount so will need the 1099. She was a bit testy here and there, but I calmly explained everything to her and acknowledged her concerns and that her questions were valid. She was so appreciative at the end of the call, told me how professional and knowledgeable I was and thanked me several times. I emailed HB about the call and she mentioned this person could be a bit of a challenge. I just looked at her like she was my Mom and tried to put myself in her shoes to relate to her concerns.

 Paula, The Ripple Companies – A big thanks to Heidi, Jen for coordinating the carpet replacement on the 6th floor just in time for the reopening of our office. Thanks to Kartr for taking care of our computers during the move, and the entire team for packing and unpacking your workstation space. The new carpet is beautiful!

Haley and Heidi, JBA – It was good to meet with you today. Thank you for all your help. We appreciate you both very much.  Lance and Maggie – JBA Client

Our blog and newsletters: We have successfully shared relevant, informative and engaging content with our clients via our Planning Matters blog and ITS newsletters. Thanks to the many authors. Rachel has done a stellar job coordinating, writing and editing the blog and newsletter. 

Meg, ITS –  I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your help completing our 2020 tax return. Your help and positive attitude while navigating through our personal issues is greatly appreciated and made the process much easier for me. Looking forward to a much simpler 2022.  Gary – ITS Client

All Hands and Employee Engagement Survey:  We appreciate the feedback you’ve given us to help make us better. 

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