My mother sat both my sister and me down in front of a sewing machine somewhere between the ages of 10-12.  The first project I remember working on was a crazy quilt, no pattern just random pieces of material sewn in an overlapping manner.

Over the years, I assisted with more quilt projects, made some of my own clothes and even made my wedding dress. I don’t remember anyone “teaching” me how after that first introduction to the machine by my mom. Both my sister and I merely said, “I want to try that” and we did.

There were quite a few years where life happened and my interest in doing projects waned.  It was approximately 10 years ago when I really picked it back up. Again, merely seeing things I wanted to try and doing them. Most of the projects have been gifts for others with only a couple that I’ve kept for myself.

Quilting has become a creative outlet that is completely different than my day-to-day job. It’s frustrating in its own way and quilting math sucks, but it’s rewarding when a project is finished. Some projects can take a few weeks to complete, and others can take years. I am only limited by my imagination and desire to do it. You never know when or where the inspiration for a project will hit. I am now moving away from patterns and creating my own visions of what I want to do. We’ll see where that takes me!