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Our Pet Family!

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Ripple Community | 0 comments

Meet some of our team member’s extended family.

Amanda, Johnson Bixby

Here’s Leo!

Babs, The Difference

My crew from left to right Rosalie Willy Doug (partially hidden) Fiona aka Fifi and Cocoa 

Melanie, Ripple Companies

This is McKinley! She’s our 3 year old American Eskimo. She is the star of the show whenever we go out for walks and we think she knows it.

Cyndi, Ripple Companies
This is Jasmine, our umbrella cockatoo.  She’s 23 years old and will probably live another 40 or so years.  She’s free-flying (indoors only), potty trained and talks.

Cindy, Johnson Bixby

 Our kitties, Pepa is the one above and Maynard is the one below.

Kailee, Johnson Bixby

My kitties names are Yuki (black & white) and Tama (colored). “Yuki” means “Snow” in Japanese, while “Tama” means “Ball” in Japanese – it makes Snow-Ball! And that was not intentional when we named them haha!

Sara, The Difference

Meet Ziggy!

Karen M., Johnson Bixby

Here’s a picture of our pet Nigerian Dwarf goats. From left to right: Loretta, Carl, and Tinkerbell. It took many tries to get a picture of them all together and looking at the camera.