Our Pets

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Ripple Community | 0 comments

Babs, The Difference
The Osterud farm welcomed two rescue donkeys from Nevada. Edward with the wonky ear is 7 and Romeo is 5. They’re such characters and fit in well.

Juli, The Ripple Companies
This is Ginger who joined our family just before Christmas.
She’s a rescue from the Humane Society – 6 months old – and 100% PUPPY!!!

Mandy, Johnson Bixby
Newest member of the Peterson household, Tova. She is a 10-month-old yellow lab – sweet as can be!

Brigg, The Ripple Companies
Here is our new little companion. Adopted from the streets of Washougal, she has grown comfortable enough over the past week to take naps everywhere and show her true colors of being unequivocally food motivated. Name: TBD. 

Lela, Integrated Tax Services
I call her Meow for short. She loves her routine and meeting new people. We are both lounge around and read type. She spends tax season hanging out with my mom.