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Resolutions and Goals

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Ripple Community, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Zach Reuter and his family

Megan Dixon, Integrated Tax Services and Ripple Impact NW
The Dixon Family Focus for this year: Simplify 2023
We are intentionally clearing out the physical, mental, and emotional “junk” that keeps us from living the joyful, peaceful, productive lives we desire. Throughout the year we will tackle everything from garage clutter to parent-guilt by saying “NO” to the things that no longer serve us and “YES” to streamlined simplicity.

Zach, Johnson Bixby
Resolution to get up early (earlier than my kids even!) so I can clean the kitchen and have a little time for reading, stretching, and coffee each morning.

Paula Lee, The Ripple Companies
Several years ago, I started a Gratitude journal. I grabbed a notebook and numbered each line starting with the number 1, and ending at 1,000. One thousand is a big number, but in listing so many gratitudes it helped me to draw attention and to find joy in the midst of what is right in front of me, of what I already have. It’s being thankful for the shift in the wind, the feel of the sun on my face as it peeks from behind a cloud, the completion of a fun work project, for the sound of laughter, etc.

I’ve already started my 2023 Gratitude Journal. I look forward to this practice of creating a habit of gratefulness. 

Jonathan, Integrated Tax Services
 I am still trying to pinpoint exactly what resolutions I have. So far, this is what I have:

  1. Floss more consistently
  2. Run 20+ miles a week
  3. Increase my Spanish vocabulary/fluency

Vivian, The Ripple Companies
Be more active. Read more books and travel somewhere I haven’t been before.
Cyndi, The Ripple Companies
One of my new years resolutions is around spending more time with my parents in Colorado and in other ways like more frequent phone calls and occasional FaceTime calls. Each moment is precious with our family!