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Staying Active!

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Daron, The Difference

I have found that mindful movement is my best form of meditation. Incorporating hiking, barre exercise classes and yoga help me to feel balanced from the inside out. This balance gives me the fortitude and energy I need to pursue my goals, both personally and professionally.

Juli, Ripple Companies, and Tammy, Integrated Tax Services

Getting their workout on!

Melanie, Ripple Companies

One of the ways I like to stay active is going to indoor cycling classes. Kailee and José (JBA) joined me for a class and here is the aftermath! Sweaty but happy!

Saskia, Ripple Companies

These pictures were taken over the Memorial holiday weekend, I went hiking in Olympic National Park. I can highly recommend it. The pictures speak for themselves.

Cyndi, Ripple Companies

One of my favorite ways to be active – tide pooling! In Lincoln City.

Kristi, Ripple Companies

Here is Kristi on a morning commute.

Patricia, Johnson Bixby

Patricia, Kurt, Luke and Max strolling through the tulip fields. Luke and Max decided at some point it was time to take a ride in the stroller and let their parents do the walking.