Staying Active

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The quality of physical activity matters more than the actual number of steps that appear on our app. As you’re getting in movement, why not include it with your vacation plans or your home remodel in your fitness routine.  See how your teammates are staying active.

Cindy S., Johnson Bixby

I knew my vacation to Disneyland and Universal Studios would involve a lot of walking. To prepare for the trip, I walked each day between 2-3 miles around my neighborhood and took the stairs at the office. It paid off as I got in 20,000 steps and over 8 miles in a day, and still had energy to enjoy the parks with my family.

Kim, Johnson Bixby

Kim and her husband, Dan, have been getting their workouts in at home over the past few months. Her exercise routine currently includes carpet presses, cable pull, ladder climb, lots and LOTS of squats, bent over sanding, paintbrush raises, etc.

Kailee, Johnson Bixby

I just picked up skiing this year! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but was too scared to do. This must be a year of leaps for me!

After trying it, I was hooked! I have a season pass to Timberline, so I try to go every weekend.

Skiing for me is joyful movement – I like to find activities that keep my body moving. It’s a great way to decompress from the week – I can take a slow path through the snowy trees, but when I’m ready for more action there’s steeper, faster routes! Another thing I love…the snow is very forgiving! Always nice to have a soft landing when you’re trying out jumps for the first time!

Zach, Johnson Bixby

Several years ago Mandy and I joined a team at our old firm to take part in the “Fight for Air Climb”, a fundraiser for the American Lung Association that “works to defeat lung cancer, improve the air we breathe, reduce the burden of lung disease on individuals and their families” and more. Participants commit to climbing at least 40 flights in the US Bancorp Tower in downtown Portland, also known as “The Big Pink”. Participants can elect to do more than one round of 40 flights, up to 200 flights total (these people are nuts). Participants also have to raise $100 total as part of the commitment.

Even after Mandy and I left our previous firm we kept on doing the event. Did Mandy beat me every year because she’s a dedicated user of the StairMaster at the gym? Yes. Did I beat her this year? How, may you ask? Well, Mandy had a conflict come up last minute and couldn’t attend, that’s how.

We plan to continue doing this each year and would love colleagues to join if they feel the spirit moves them. It takes place in Feb/March each year.

The attached picture is one I took from the top of the course this year, and sent to Mandy, my co-participant in spirit.

Sara, The Difference

Sara and her family playing in the snow!